Citizenship & Residency Visas

In an ever-changing world driven by globalisation, there has been an increasing demand for individuals and families to create a multinational lifestyle around the globe.

The global pandemic influenced many to consider business and lifestyle opportunities overseas that could benefit themselves and importantly, their families and with ongoing economic and political uncertainty internationally, many are looking to expand their International reach.

Obtaining citizenship, or a residency visa by investment is a common program utilised by many to achieve this, that is often secured in the Caribbean and Europe and provides various benefits in each jurisdiction:

Global mobility
Access to services eg. Education, Healthcare
Tax Optimisation
Investment Opportunities


A citizenship-by-investment program is a common process where a country will offer approved individuals a passport in return for a fixed investment. This is a programme quite common across the Caribbean, and popular on Islands such as Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis and St. Lucia.

Each jurisdiction has unique investment and application requirements, but programs often provide an option for investment in real estate.

Residency Visa

Residency by investment, often referred to as a ‘golden visa’, is simply a program where a country offers temporary or permanent residency in return for an investment, which often involves real estate.

Residency Visas, whilst similar to programmes that offer full-time citizenship, are more common in Europe and are increasingly attractive in countries such as Portugal and Greece.

How can we help?

Regardless of which programme a client is proceeding with, a citizenship or residency visa will require an investment in the local currency, so for an International client, the cost of the programme will ultimately be influenced by the exchange rate at that time.

Where we can provide guidance to help with timing to manage the cost of the proposed investment, a client can also to secure the amount required in the local currency in advance of the onward transaction, which is held in an account in their name, making onward payments to an appointed lawyer far more efficient.

The information on this page does not constitute advice, nor should be used as advice for obtaining citizenship or a residency visa. Fibre Payments assist with the foreign exchange transactions involved in the process, and independent legal guidance should be obtained in the relevant jurisdiction, to discuss the associated visa programmes.

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