“We are dedicated to delivering the highest service standards, by combining cutting-edge technology with our deep knowledge of financial services and the international real estate market.”

Daniel Fozard

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We are specialists in international payments and currency exchange management; providing solutions to help manage market risk and time transfers, whilst offering market-leading exchange rates.

Fibre solely partner with global liquidity providers and FCA regulated institutions to manage clients payments in over 30 currencies, with local collection in 180 countries. This provides our clients access to named, multi-currency accounts, which ensures transfers are quick and importantly, clients have peace of mind that funds are secure.

Every client case is unique, but by working closely with estate agents, legal and financial advisors, our market knowledge and experience with a variety of payments, ensures our clients have access to suitable guidance when it comes to currency transfers.

Our professional services are also trusted by many businesses, as our payment capabilities provide control and flexibility for a wide range of requirements, by offering the ability to consolidate foreign exchange exposure, to one single account.


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Fibre Payments 5 Star Google Reviews for International Currency Transactions
    • Fibre Payments provided fantastic customer service, they explain every step of the way and call back regularly to ensure that everything is going through smoothly. This was the first time that I have had to do a forex transaction but the process couldn't have been easier or better explained to me by Marcus and Daniel. I will be using them again for future forex matters.

    • We had an excellent experience with Fibre Payments. Dan did a fantastic job working with us to secure very attractive rate for the currency exchange and we were able to lock in exactly what we needed. The website is very user friendly and their customer focus is excellent. I highly recommend them.

    • I was introduced to Fibre by my real estate agent in Barbados. They provided an extremely easy, seamless service for my Fx needs and money transfer. I highly recommend them and will use them again!

    • The guys at Fibre really helped us and were very attentive and helpful. Answered our questions quickly and simply and assisted us every step of the way. Would thoroughly recommend them!

    • My experience with fibre has been extremely worth while. Will and Marcus have been by my side through the process I highly recommend this company, 10/10 for service.

    • This is a go to business for currency transfer and payments. Daniel and his colleague Will are who you need to do business with in this area. They are quick, cost efficient and their website has an excellent interface. We found them to be perfect for our needs in purchasing property and would highly recommend them. They are very hands-on and willing to help you complete your transactions as needed. We can’t say enough of how thankful we are for their kind assistance.

    • I reside in the US and utilized Fibre Payments to convert USD to Euros at a very competitive rate in order to purchase property in the Algarve region of Portugal. The process was seamless and extremely efficient. I highly recommend their services.

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