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At Fibre, we specialise in providing financial solutions for international sports organisations, such as professional golfers, footballers, and the UK Professional Athletes Association. We understand that these organisations often have to manage a diverse range of payments, including sponsorship and prize money, which are often paid in foreign currencies.

To assist our clients in managing their finances, we offer a multi-currency account that provides greater control over currency conversions, thus reducing costs and providing flexibility in timing. In addition, our expertise in foreign currency payments is also useful for organisations that have staff repatriating their salary home, and for managing expenses related to international fixtures and events.

We help organisations to anticipate and mitigate the impact of currency market fluctuations on their expenditures and earnings by providing a clear understanding of the value and exchange rate they will receive when paying for transportation, accommodation, expenses, visa fees, and other registration costs.

Sports Management Foreign Currency - Fibre Payments

Jack Singh Brar - DP Tour Professional Golfer

“I couldn't be happier with how Fibre manage my payments. They were able to set me up with a multicurrency account that allows me to receive a variety of currencies and means I have control over when to exchange my funds, which the bank isn’t able to offer.”

Blue Carpet Sports Management

“Fibre provide a brilliant solution to help consolidate my client’s sponsorship payments. The process is really straightforward and has helped save time, and money”

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