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Director - Fibre Capital

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Lewis Edmonds joined the team at Fibre in September 2023 to establish Fibre Capital in response to a consistent demand from the Fibre Payments team to assist clients in managing their finances. He has known the Directors, Dan and Will, on a personal level for many years, considering them close friends. Over the years, Lewis has cultivated trusting relationships with them and has assisted numerous clients. The decision to set up and take on the role of Director for Fibre Capital was both intuitive and thrilling for him.

Before the inception of Fibre Capital, Lewis dedicated nearly a decade to aiding his clients in managing their portfolios and enlightening them about the financial products that best fit their needs. Preceding this chapter, he served in FX for 4 years. Since graduating from University, Lewis has exclusively pursued a career in the Financial services sector.

Lewis takes pride in his methodical approach with clients. He delves deep into understanding their individual circumstances to offer genuine, well-considered, and enduring financial plans.

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